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DK-2200 København N
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Strand + Hvass’ is an innovative product design studio focusing on human-centric furniture. With an emphasis on our lived environments, Strand + Hvass seeks to improve the conditions of our surroundings, planet, and shared experiences. At the core of each design lies a goal to create a long-lasting piece that evolves with our world’s changing pace and conditions, focusing on circularity, flexibility, and modularity. A philosophy grounded in the principles of Scandinavian design that has distinguished Strand + Hvass as a studio known for function, simplicity, and quality with an international twist. 

Niels Hvass and Christina Strand

The creative pair behind Strand + Hvass, Christina Strand and Niels Hvass, are each accomplished designers in their own right with extensive portfolios in successful commercial and experimental projects alike. Their designs have been internationally recognized, receiving the Finn Juhl Architectural Prize, German Design Award, Interior Innovation Award, and Red Dot Award among many others. Both graduates of The Royal Danish Academy, their shared respect for aesthetic honesty has been at the forefront of their practice since 1998. The acclaimed duo is equal parts technical and creative, designing components and prototyping in-house to ensure unparalleled quality from start to finish. Niels and Christina are known for their clean, comfortable, and thoughtful designs adopted by iconic furniture brands—each with a story to tell.

The Studio

Strand + Hvass’ Copenhagen design studio is located in a unique two-level space housed in a classic nineteenth-century building. A creative hub for ideas, co-creation, and experimentation. At street level, recent works are often showcased in a rotating exhibition, where the upper floor is used as a flexible design studio and place for immersion. The space also houses a fully functioning workshop where Niels and Christina create models, experiment with materials, and refine their designs. From inception to creation, the Nørrebro studio lies at the center of process and discovery.